Bradford Morgan White

My first real online presence started with Overtime, that changed. Primarily, I wasn't okay with the new terms of service that Google brought with their acquisition of blogger. The site moved multiple times, and with those moves, my traffic died.

These days, my traffic is slowly coming back. I have two different blogs and a site for software projects.

If you really like something, toss me a few satoshis for a cup of coffee.

BTC: 1CSLEftfSVoTk8hjWSbHTFz1bKBGGk4EWt which is my blog, where I put rants and other stuff where I am working on a Linux distribution project which is a series of writings about history and politics

"to robbery, slaughter, plunder, the lying name of empire, and where they make a solitude they call it peace" -- Tacitus, 98 C.E.

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